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About CSTC Pty Ltd (RTO #0699)

About CSTC Pty Ltd (RTO #0699)

Our Purpose

CSTC Pty Ltd (CSTC) is an independent, not-for-profit, privately registered training organisation. CSTC began in 1994 and since day one, CSTC’s purpose has been to provide training for all workers in the building and construction industry. Since then CSTC has grown into horticulture, business, and health industries to assist individuals in upskilling into their professions. CSTC has no beneficiaries and returns any annual financial profit toward enhancing and/or improving CSTC’s training facilities – in turn, broadening the training offered to workers in industry to gain new skills and/or refresh and upgrade existing ones.

CSTC’s singular focus has always been about improving your skills base and that of the industry and that is why CSTC lives by its motto: “We are here to improve your future”.


CSTC strives to be recognised as a learning centre of excellence for vocational education and training. CSTC is an organisation that continually seeks to achieve the highest possible standards of education, training and consultancy services specific to the construction, horticulture, business, and health industries.

Our History

CSTC was co-founded in 1994 by Gregory Simcoe (former State Secretary of the Builders Labourers Federation) and John Christian (former Health and Safety Manager of the Builders Labourers Federation) out of a need to establish a specialist training centre for all building and construction industry workers. CSTC today is an independent not-for-profit nationally registered training company.

The very first CSTC Training Centre was set up across four classrooms in Amelia Street in Fortitude Valley. The practical training area was in the car park under the building. Since that time, CSTC has grown from a ‘one man band’ into one of the largest private vocational education and training (VET) providers in Queensland. CSTC’s head office and primary training centre is equipped with modern technology and equipment to ensure that our staff and students receive the very best of CSTC’s services.

CSTC is a premier training provider in four core industries in Queensland and is expanding training and consulting services into other related industries. CSTC’s success can also be attributed to the ongoing support received from its proactive Board of Directors, our funding support agencies, and the industries in which we successfully operate.

Research, Training, Consultancy

CSTC offers services in research, training, and consultancy that seek to deliver continuous improvement across a range of industries. Our research drives innovation to increase the competitiveness of Australia’s construction and horticultural sectors.

CSTC is committed to being equipped with the latest industry technology, equipment, and literature to assist in the evolution of these industries through research that fosters this continuous improvement.

• We constantly research best practice methods to seek efficiencies in scaffolding, civil construction, modular housing, heavy machinery, and safety. To achieve this, we stay up to date with the latest tools and equipment from around the world that allow faster productivity and result in reduced cost of construction. Continuous improvement allows us to find new training techniques that are identified though our vigorous research and real-world testing. From this commitment to improvement, we also nurture improved practices within the work force to enable construction workers to function for a longer more sustainable career.

• With Land Conservation fast becoming a global concern, here at CSTC we are researching and providing testing and training of new techniques for improved production yield with less defects and wastage. Utilisation of leading-edge equipment together with best-practice methods ensures that the knowledge we gain from our research is sound and can be passed onto our clients to ensure food security into the future.

Our new state-of-the-art facility will house a dedicated office and research facility for investigation and development, areas for practical testing and training of methods and techniques, and classroom spaces that will enable us to impart this knowledge to students and clients who can then enter the workforce equipped to succeed.

For two decades CSTC has serviced Queensland and has become a leader in applied research, training, and development. We work in close collaboration with state and federal governments, industry professionals, and industrial governing bodies to demonstrate, boost innovation, productivity, and economic growth.

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CSTC Pty Ltd (RTO#0699)