About CSTC

Our Purpose

CSTC is an independent, not-for-profit, privately registered training organisation. CSTC began in 1994 and since day one, CSTC’s purpose is to provide training for all workers in the building and construction industry. There are no beneficiaries and therefore CSTC returns any annual financial profit toward enhancing and/or improving CSTC’s training facilities in turn broaden the training offered to workers in industry to gain new skills and/or refresh and upgrade existing ones.

CSTC’s singular focus has always been about improving your skills base and that of the industry and that is why CSTC lives by its tag line: “We are here to improve your future”.


CSTC strives to be recognised as a learning centre of excellence for vocational education and training. We are an organisation that continually seeks to achieve the highest possible standards of education, training and consultancy services specific to the building, construction and civil construction and related industries.

CSTC Training Centre and Office

Our History

CSTC was established in 1994 by the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) Queensland. The original Managing Director was John Christian who was also then an employee of the BLF (QLD). The establishment of a specialist training centre for all building and construction industry workers was largely the vision of the then incumbent BLF (QLD) State Secretary, Greg Simcoe. CSTC today is an independent not-for-profit nationally registered training company

John Christian started his employment with the BLF (QLD) as a union organiser. Showing great potential, he obtained a Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety, and later his Masters Degree in Health Science. While at university, John was asked by Greg Simcoe if he would start a training centre for all building and construction workers. With no courses, training resources, trainers, staff or students, John accepted the challenge, all the while looking after OH&S for the BLF (QLD) and studying his for his degrees at night.

The very first CSTC Training Centre was set up across four classrooms belonging to the CFMEU in Fortitude Valley. The practical training area was in the car park under the building. Since that time, CSTC has grown from a ‘one man band’ into one of the largest private construction vocational education and training (VET) providers in Queensland. CSTC’s head office and primary training centre is located at Salisbury and we are equipped with modern technology and equipment to ensure that our staff and students receive the very best of CSTC’s VET services.

CSTC is a premier training provider for the building and construction industry in Queensland and as we continue to expand our training and consulting services into overseas markets and other related industries, our reputation as a quality training and service provider is further broadened. CSTC’s success can also be attributed to the going support received from its proactive Board of Directors, our funding support agencies and the industries in which we successfully operate.